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How To Stop Wasting Money On Data In South Africa!

Last updated on April 18th, 2017 at 01:59 am

Post updated on April 18, 2017

Save Data - www.34g3.com

Are you spending a lot of money on data bundles? Either you spend most of your time on Social Media Platforms or you just don’t know how to manage your data. Either way you still have to save data! Considering the latest news of the #DataMustFall campaign we decided to write this post. These service providers be working their butts out trying to reduce their data prices. Since they are doing their part, You should also do yours.

I recently discovered this mistake you all make when purchasing data bundles. Most of you choose to buy data bundles that expires after thirty days! Which is not a bad if you don’t use social networks or the internet that much, but if you do! Then you are definitely wasting your money.

When you are using social networks, There are chances that your data bundles won’t last for a week or two. Though, this all depends on how frequently you use sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (or their Applications) and so on.

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Now the question is: Should you continue buying data bundles that expire after thirty days? or should you consider weekly bundles or fortnight bundles? Now to know which one to go with, Take some time and monitor your data usage. I believe some of you may have done this or are doing it. Anyway check the scenario below.

Scenario: If you purchase data bundles that expire after thirty days. Do they last till the last day (before they expire) or do you use all of them within a week? If you are! then monthly bundles are not for you. You should then consider weekly bundles. The other thing is that weekly bundles cost less than monthly bundles (so you won’t buy less bundles using a lot of airtime).

Save Data On MTN

MTN Data - Save Data www.34g3.com

MTN is a South Africa-based multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating in many African, European and Asian countries. Its head office is in Johannesburg.

To buy Weekly Bundles:

  • Dial *141*1#
  • Press 1 for menu
  • Select option 2 (Data Bundles)
  • Then choose option 3 (Week)
  • Choose the option you want(I recommend a minimum of 100 MB which is option 2).
  • Confirm all

Make sure you also check your MTN Loyalty Points by dialling *141*9# and Be on the lookout for extra savings! By checking the messages you receive after recharging (check the picture below).

Save Data In SOuth AFrica - www.34g3.com

Save Data On Cell C

Save Data www.34g3.com

A South African mobile company, offers consumers a wide range of prepaid, hybrid and postpaid products and services, including voice, data and messaging services. I won’t say a much about Cell C since it has low prices already! Not to mention the Free usage of Facebook and WhatsApp. Though Facebook is free on Cell C some are complaining about images not being displayed. To buy Cell C Data Bundles dial *147#

Save Data On Vodacom

Save Data www.34g3.com

Vodacom Group Limited is an African mobile communications company, providing voice, messaging, data and converged services to over 55 million customers. Vodacom users are getting free data bundles lately. To play the game ‘Play Everyday’ Dial *111# then select ‘Play Everyday’ then select play.

Vodacom is now offering its Facebook Flex option which allows users to use Facebook for free. Vodacom customers can now update their status messages, post photos for free! However, when you use the free mode you won’t be able to see photos.

Unfortunately, vodacom doesn’t have weekly bundles. You can always buy their monthly bundles costing R12 for 100 MB. To buy this bundle dial *111#


Tip: Switch to the Telkom network to enjoy great savings. The service provider’s users be going crazy with the benefits (Free data, unlimited calls and so on) they get every month.

There you go! Hope this post was helpful 🙂 Do share your comments below.

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