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How To Offer A Great Customer Support Experience – Businesses

Last updated on April 16th, 2017 at 12:53 pm

Post updated on April 16, 2017

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Today, I bring to ways you can give quality support to those who use your service(s) in short YOUR CUSTOMERS. Now the question is ‘Should you go with an email support? or social media support? or an onsite support? or all of them? An email support can be with a custom (domain) email or a free email. Social media support can be via a Facebook page or Twitter account. Lastly, an onsite support refers to a Live Chat support, Knowledge base or Tutorials on your site.

Custom(Domain) Email – An email address that has a domain of one’s website. I.e ours admin[at]34g3.com and Free email refers to a free email address from sites like Gmail, Yahoo and so on. I.e support[at]gmail.com

Customer Support Through Custom and Free Email

A business with a custom email address does look professional and customers don’t hesitate to try their services or products. Many businesses use a custom email address to offer assistance to their customers, which is a great thing. The problem starts when you need their support or help. You contact them and probably have to wait for 24 – 72 hours before getting a response. Reason being that most of these businesses don’t have an ease of access to these email accounts. They choose email plans that cannot be managed on a smartphone due to screen size, email campaign not supporting mobiles and other factors. In simple words they can only check their email accounts using a browser on Desktop.

If you choose a custom email support, Make sure the email package you choose can be accessed on smartphones. Keep in mind that email packages that support mobiles may cost an arm and a leg.

Free email addresses can be accessed and managed easily using smartphones(not to say these custom emails cannot be). Plus setting up a free email account on your smartphone is a no brainer! So having one for support reasons won’t be a bad idea! Since you will get notified whenever you are contacted. You can create an account from sites like Gmail and Yahoo.

Live Chat For Quality Support

Live Chat support is awesome! Especially if it runs 24/7 as one can get help without waiting. You may try a Live Chat Plugin on your website if you have people (staff) to reply. NameCheap is one of those sites that have great Live Chat support.

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Twitter and Facebook Support

If you don’t have time for installing a Live Chat plugin on your website. You can create an account(I’m sure you already have one) You can help users by sending them tweets or direct messages and they can also send tweets and direct messages when they need assistance. This is convenient too and more like Live Chat support.

Facebook pages do have the message button too and your customers can also post on your page’s timeline.

Phone Call Support

Phone call support! This type of support sounds good but it is not for technical issues. It is only convenient for bookings, refunds and other simple issues.

I recommend Live Chat and Twitter kind of support. However, I also advise businesses to try all these available options and choose the one(s) that works for them. Nothing beats a great customer support experience! Hope this post helped 🙂

That’s all you need to know! Do share your thoughts below and Thank You for reading!

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