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Are you having 500+ Likes on your Facebook page? Yet only few people are reached (less than 100) when you post? It can be Text only, Text with a Link, Link only, Link with a Picture, Text with a Picture, Picture only or maybe a video.

Most of this post format don’t do quite well unless you spend money boosting it. Therefore to reach a number of people you need to use a **Link with a Picture, **Text with a Picture and **Picture only as your posting format. Even though I mentioned three posting formats above posting a picture only can reach more people than a link with a picture and text with a picture. A video post does reach more people but a few people do watch (which is bad). You can make your choice based on the options below:-

Option 1: Just add a cool picture or send your message through pictures, as they say – “a picture is worth thousand words”. Don’t forget to make your picture(s) eye catching and descriptive.

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Option 2: Post in a form of a video.

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***best Facebook page method – option 1
Option 1

This is quite obvious, People enjoy reading Articles/Books etc. with text and cool pictures I mean it makes the writing more enticing and eye catching. Long paragraphs with no pictures are so boring to read (i.e. reading Terms & Conditions – Most of us don’t read Ts & Cs we just agree).

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Option 2

Who wouldn’t watch a video with a cool title? Cool thumbnail? No one! To get better results don’t make it too long (3 minutes or less is perfect). Therefore make it shorter like TV commercials. Your video has to be fascinating and enticing. Therefore do not take chances, as this will ruin your business reputation. You may end up getting bad comments and reviews.

There you have it guys! Start reaching more people! Do comment and share.

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