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SketchUp -

SketchUp is 3D modeling software that’s easy to learn and incredibly fun to use.

Howdy! Howdy Folks! Are you into Graphics? Architecture? Art? or Construction? Well great, I would like to introduce the SketchUp software to you! This software has three programs namely SketchUp, Layout and Style builder. I urge you to subscribe(its free) to my newsletter to receive updates and keep track of new tutorials.

To enjoy the software (even more), you should upgrade after the thirty days trial version to get the 3D Warehouse and Extension Warehouse tool. The warehouse has real 3D Graphics! You will get Interior design graphics, Kitchen and bath graphics, Construction graphics and Woodworking graphics just to mention a few.

SketchUp Features

  • High DPI Modeling
  • Smart offset
  • Perpendicular face inference
  • Righteous rectangles
  • Native entities
  • Smart scaling
  • Color by layer and so on.


To download SketchUp visit our Developer Tools page. Click on the link, then download it and install the software. After a successful installation you will see three programs on your desktop. Click on the Sketch Up Program and select the template you want (I chose the Simple Template – Feet and Inches) and click Start Using Sketch Up.

On the next screen(Main screen) You will see the tool bar with all the required tools. If you want to add more tools go to the tool bar and right click! You will see the options (tools). On your right (main screen) you will also see the Default Tray with more tools.

Tutorial 01 – Designing A Simple Foundation With Stairs Using SketchUp. Click on the picture below to view the video.

SketchUp -

Tutorial 06 – ReDesigning A Simple House Using SketchUp

SketchUp Tutorial 06 - MSQUAREDN

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