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As an Entrepreneur you need to spend money on promoting or marketing services for awareness sake. Being an Entrepreneur is all about taking risks and investing in one’s vision(s). When you spend money as an Entrepreneur you expect to make more money in return isn’t it? Many people fail to receive more money in return due to a bad marketing strategy. This will often result to them having to spend more money.

To avoid this you must have a marketing strategy that is on point(or be close to…). Therefore, before you think of investing to your vision(s) do some research, ask for tips, suggestions from other people. Your research can be based on your competitors, capital, platforms to use for exposure and so on.

Thanks to the new technology we have social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we can promote our services. Having a website is also a great way to promote and market services. I will cover the pros and cons of each social platform and share some tricks that will help you get the exposure you need. Keep in mind that things won’t happen over night but with perseverance you will get there, in simple terms work hard and be patient.


To market your services on facebook you have to create a business page. Creating one is simple! so after creating one, all you need to do is :add a profile picture, cover photo, add description, invite your facebook friends to like your page then start posting. Trust me you don’t need thousands or millions(a hundred of likes will do) of likes on your page to start. What I’m trying to say is that DON’T spend your money trying to increase your page likes! It is useless!

Having millions of likes on your Facebook page doesn’t mean all your customers(likers) are interested in the services you offer! Not to mention how passive they can be. I have seen a lot of pages with millions of likes
but about a hundred of those customers(likers) are active, engaging and interacting. I don’t think it is possible for all fans to engage on your posts but a 70% of active fans will do. So Instead of boosting your page for likes rather boost your posts for exposure – more on this on How To Reach Facebook Page Fans.


Twitter is much better compared to a facebook page. On twitter, if you have like two hundred followers some of tweets may be re-tweeted and liked. This is possible if you use your hashtags correct and engaging with the right followers. The same thing goes on this platform too – Instead of boosting your twitter account you’re advised to boost your tweets.

Instagram is definitely a great platform for marketing. You just need enticing pictures and the right hashtags to reach viewers. The only con on instagram is that links are not clickable on the post’s description. To promote you links you will have to use a sponsored post button like Learn more, Subscribe and so on.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great social platforms to get exposure. Beyond great when you have active, engaging, interested fans and followers


This is my favorite marketing option! As one doesn’t have to rely only on making money with the services he/she offers but also earning from banner ads and pop ups. Getting more people to visit your website is great and can generate an income for you. Imagine getting one million of unique visitors(not specifically unique visitors but page views too) on your website per month. You can earn a good income from affiliate programs and when your visitors purchase your services.


If you sell T-shirts you will only earn money when people purchase your T-shirts(on social networks). When using a website you will earn from affiliate programs and purchases received.

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