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Facebook Account Fraud! Secure Yours Today!

Last updated on December 2nd, 2016 at 06:03 pm

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Hacking Facebook Accounts on the rise!

This is caused by the trending thing of becoming Felebs; you find out that people are now adding every “Friend Suggestion” offered by Facebook. Adding people you do not know is a bad idea, and it is against Facebook’s Terms and Conditions! And by so doing you are breaking the Facebook rules too.

There are accounts created for spam purposes, such accounts promote sex, porn videos. Usually they have profile pictures of female celebrities with assets (great body shape, big breasts). Forgive me for mentioning that but it is true. Do not allow your Facebook account to be hacked as this will affect your friends, family and so on (unless you tell them your account was hacked). Ever heard of “catfish”?

In case you receive Friend Requests from people you do not know, you are advised to decline their friend request and report them as a spam. You are also advised to check the number of mutual friends and their profiles before accepting any Friend Requests.

To keep your Facebook account hack free consider this tips

  1. Change your password every month.
  2. Don’t add people you don’t know (especially when you far from each other – It can be a Country Away or Province Away).
  3. Don’t log on Facebook with your friend(s)’ phone (if you do make sure you clear cookies, passwords after).
  4. Don’t use obvious passwords.
  5. Don’t share your Email Address / Phone Number / Password.
  6. Always check your messages. These fraudster will send bad messages to your friends.
  7. Check your wall or timeline to see if there ain’t any bad posts(Images or posts you don’t own or haven’t posted).

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Consider these tips to keep your account safe, secure and hack free, Also share to help others keep their accounts safe.

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