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Are you a blogger looking for ways to make money online? Or you want to promote your website online without spending much? If you are then continue reading. You may have read other reviews about this affiliate program but ours is different. We talk more about the advertiser account as other reviews don’t talk much about it.

Before you start make sure you have a blog or website with at least five posts. Not to say it is required but it would be great to use an established site. To create an account at PopAds click here. Fill in all the required details, Also accept the Terms and Conditions then click register. PopAds will send a confirmation email, do confirm and login to your dashboard.

PopAds Dashboard – Publishers

PopAds -

On your left side there’s a menu with all the tools you need. On your Publisher’s panel click New Website to add your site. Add your site’s name, URL, Description, select the category. Next choose the campaigns you want to display on your site! and how you want them to appear (Pop-up, Popunder and so on). After doing this wait for your website to be approved.

Once approved, Log in to your account to generate the code. On your Publisher’s panel click code generator. Select the site and generate the code then copy it. I recommend you choose the Anti-adblock code. Add the code to your website’s header. Once done your site will start showing ads. Use the troubleshooter option to check if the code is inserted correctly.

Sometimes you will receive an error when using the troubleshooter option, while the code is working.

Tips For PopAds Publishers:

  • If you use Pop Ups don’t use slider ads. A combination of these two will definitely annoy visitors.
  • Use your dashboard and reports option to track your success. On your reports you can generate a report. Use tabs like grouping and ordering to customize your report.
  • Don’t install other pop up codes except for PopAds code. Installing other codes from sites like PopCash will reduce your PopAds’s revenue.
  • Use your PopAds report option to check the quality of your site’s traffic. PopAds does recommend that you deliver traffic that is of quality.

PopAds -

To withdraw or deposit money use the Billing option. A minimum of 5$ is required if you want to withdraw! and a minimum of 10$ is required for depositing money. Under the Referral Center you can choose ads to place on your website or use the referral link. You will earn 10% for referred Publishers and Advertisers.

PopAds For Advertisers

To promote your website you need to create a campaign. The great part is that you can use your Publisher’s earnings to create a campaign. If you don’t want to do that you can deposit money using PayPal, Credit card and so on.

To create your campaign go to the Advertiser’s panel(below the Publisher’s panel). Select New Campaign and fill in all the details. Under the general information make sure you select pop unders under adv. type. This is to ensure the visitors seeing your site are not bored. It is said that Pop up ads are annoying compared to Pop Unders.

Tips For Advertisers:

  • When your site is still new: On the country targeting option choose ONLY your country. You may target other countries once you have enough visitors from your country.
  • If your site is still new or you want new visitors, Instead of requesting a payout use your earnings(min. of $2.50) to create a campaign.
  • Check the reports to see your visitors’ country.

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