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Advertising Strategies To Reach New Customers

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This post is more of a continuation for the post Be An Expert In Marketing. On this post we point out the effective ways to be successful when advertising. We focus on ads created for promoting a website and reaching new customers. You can advertise your website on newspapers, magazines, Social platforms or on another site as a banner ad, link and pop up or pop under. Each advertisement type has its price tag and results. Banner ads usually cost more compared to Pop Ups/Unders.

Before you choose an advertisement type you must have goals. Your goals will help choose the correct advertisement type. For instance: To gain visitors and maybe sign ups you may use Pop Up/Under Ads. When selling products, offering services you may try Banner, Newspaper, Magazine and Social Media ads.

PopUps/Unders To Reach New Customers

Even though this form of advertisement costs less, there are few things you should know. Firstly when you choose this type of advertisement don’t use Pop Ups rather use Pop Unders. Pop up ads will appear above the page the visitor is viewing. It is more like the pop up window you get on your laptop when installing a software! On the other hand, Pop Under ads will appear below the page the visitor is seeing. The user won’t notice it until he until he closes the page he/she was viewing. After closing it he/she will see the ad(your site’s page/landing page). Therefore your landing page should be enticing and eye catching. You should use all the elements of ¬†advertisement. These includes: The usage of different font size and format, Eye catching pictures and headline, Descriptive body, Call to action button/link.

To test the waters of this advertisement type use PopAds. To create an account click here and read these Recommendations for PopAds Advertisers and Publishers. You can start your campaign with only $10.

Banner Ads To Reach New Customers

Banner ads are no longer popular but you can still get results. Like I said earlier they cost an arm and a leg! and you should consider them if have great services and products to offer.
You want to test the waters? Use ShareASale. A minimum deposit of $100 is required.

Magazines and Newspapers Ads To Reach New Customers

Magazines and Newspapers Ads are more like banner ads. The difference may be on the price. To get your ad on magazines and newspapers try contacting the publishing company. You will get their contact details inside the magazine or newspaper. Keep in mind the elements advertisements to get pleasing results.

I hope everything goes well for you! ¬†Happy advertising don’t forget to share the post and your comment below.

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