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Google Play Store Apps VS Apps From Third Party Sites – Must Read!

Last updated on January 28th, 2017 at 12:48 am

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N.B You need to login to your Gmail account to access the Google Play Store. It is recommended to download applications and games using play store.

Now should one download apps and games using play store or should one use sites like AppsApk. Downloading Apps and games from third-party sites is said to be not safe for a few reasons. Usually the reasons are that the APKs may be from a harmful (untrusted) source, or may contain viruses. This is true but it is rare to find APKs that have viruses.

The other thing is that the sites that allow developers to upload their apps will ensure that the applications published are spam and virus free. On the other hand, Google Play Store is a trusted marketplace for downloading apps and games. Without a doubt, downloading Apps and games from play store is the way to go but it does have disadvantages too.

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Let’s have a look at advantages and disadvantages of using Play Store and Third Party sites to download Apps.

1. Using Play Store is safer compared to third parties sites. However, there are sites that have clean APKs from trusted sources.

2. When you use Google Play Store to download apps/games you won’t have a copy (file) of the app or game. You will have the APK file on your media card if you use a third party site (as long you don’t delete it). Having a copy of the app/game you downloaded is good for backup reasons.

3. Using Third party sites will save your phone’s space, as it will use your Media Card space (and not your phone’s storage). If you use Google Play Store you will often get the ‘There’s no enough space‘ message.

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