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Chess.com App Review (OS and Android)

Last updated on January 28th, 2017 at 12:47 am

Chess App Review - www.34g3.com
This review is based on my personal experience. The chess.com app is one of the best chess apps on Android and OS Phones. Actually, for me it is the only chess app I wouldn’t mind to recommend. It is great for those who enjoy playing with other humans and against computer. This app accommodates all players (amateurs, beginners, experts etc) and it is not like the chess apps I once downloaded where you only play a computer.¬†This game reminds me of the BlackBerry chess game by the name of LS Chess created by Limich Soft. To cut the story short – Let’s take a look at the game’s features.

Unlimited Free Play

You can play games using different time frames (Bullet, Blitz, Rapid, Normal) and some time frames will give you increments per move. You can use all time frames on both Live (Tournament) games and when you challenge other players. There’s no time control if you play against a computer or when choosing the human vs human option. The computer level ranges from 1-10 (weak – strong).

Tactics and Puzzles

The game also has daily tactics and Puzzles. Free membership enables you to solve only five tactics and one puzzle per day. To get unlimited tactics and puzzles you must purchase a diamond or platinum or gold membership.

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Video Lessons

You get free video lessons. You will learn about tactics, strategies, openings, middle games, end games and other positions.

Analyze Your Games

After playing a game you can analyze your games with help from a strong engine. It will show your mistakes, blunders and give (a) solution(s where required.

Watch Games

This game will let you watch games of top players live. You can also watch other players’ games during a tournament (You need to be part of the tournament to be able to do this). There are other features you can try on this app. Download it and test the waters.


There’s only one thing that I hate about this app! Its Live Chess Connection! I lose a lot of games due to time because of a bad Live Chess Connection (I think this is influence by one’s network). I noticed that the live chess connection is always strong before the start of a tournament! once the tournament begins it can be very bad and irritating!

Even though its Live Chess Connection is bad, the app is still the best! Review Rating 4.0/5

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