A Labeled Center Lathe Machine and Its Functions – Do Read Below!

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A centre lathe is a machine used in engineering for machining materials. It performs operations like facing, cutting (a) screw(s), grinding, boring, and different turnings(Taper, Form, Plain). A centre lathe is a versatile machine in a workplace and ONLY a trained user should use it, as it can be very dangerous.

Sketch Of A Centre Lathe – Fully Labeled

Centre Lathe Machine Labeled Fully - www.34g3.com MSQUAREDN
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Center Lathe Parts

We all know that machines have different parts/tools that perform a certain job. This machine has the following parts, namely: Head stock, Carriage, Tail stock, Cross slide, Apron and Compound Slide.

  • A Head stock is there to mount levers in order to be able to select and change gears.
  • The Carriage has a saddle, apron, slide and used to provide cutting tools with a lever controlling its movement.
  • Tail stock is used for tapered and gradually reducing materials.
  • The cross slide makes it possible for the tool post and compound slide to move automatically or manually.
  • An apron is fitted to the saddle. Its hand wheel is connected to a gear that meshes with a rack on a slide way.
  • Compound Slide supports the tool post when clamping the cutting tool.

Center Lathe Chucks

A center lathe machine can have a three-jaw chuck or a four-jaw chuck. The four-jaw chuck moves independently and the three-jaw chuck moves dependently in a simultaneous way.

Advantages of a four-jaw chuck:
1. Used for large heavy work pieces

2. They provide accuracy and can do eccentric and concentric turning.

Its disadvantages are:
1. It is heavy or bulky.

2. It doesn’t self center and Precision setups are required.

Advantages of a three-jaw chuck are:

  1.  Can auto center work pieces
  2. Precision work is guaranteed.

Disadvantages are:

  1. It is not accurate when worn.
  2. It is are for light weight work pieces.

Center Lathe Beds And Their Uses

  • A V-bed is used for precision work.
  • A Flat-bed can provide support for heavy work.
  • A V-flat bed is used for moderate heavy work and for accuracy.

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Center Lathe Safety Precautions

As I mentioned above that a centre lathe machine can be dangerous! These precautions must be followed at all times to prevent injuries and so on.

  • Make sure all guards are correctly fitted.
  • Wear safety goggles and an apron(or PPE).
  • Don’t wear loose clothing and/or jewellery.
  • Never leave a key on the chuck.
  • Press the emergency stop button when making adjustments.
  • Check if there’s n oil or grease under the machine. Make sure it is in a working condition.
  • Don’t allow another person to start the machine for you.
  • Use the coolant to prevent the cutting tool from breaking and to reduce friction.
  • Do not put tools on the lathe slide ways.
  • Make sure you clean the machine after using it! And that it under goes its recommended maintenance.

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