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How Free Twitter (MTN) Surpasses Free Facebook (Vodacom) – Learn more!

Last updated on July 3rd, 2017 at 07:11 pm

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Free Twitter (from MTN) Surpasses Free Facebook (from Cell C and Vodacom)

Network providers are giving back to their users with free access to social platforms. It seems like users can now use all three social platforms (Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp) for free or without using their data bundles.

Cell C was the first network provider to introduce free access on social platforms. Cell C users were able to use Facebook and WhatsApp without using data bundles. However, They ended their free WhatsApp service on August, 2015! and that didn’t affect its users that much.

A few days later they (Cell C) introduced the WhatsApp data bundles costing R5.00 (then R7.50 a few days later). Update: Cell C made a few pricing changes that took effect as on February 01, 2017. These recent changes affected WhatsApp bundles and they are now priced R12.00 (not R7.50 anymore).

  Recently, Vodacom has also introduced the free Facebook service with an option to switch from Free mode to Paid mode (and vice versa). MTN is now offering free Twitter with better service compared to free Facebook from Vodacom.

Free Facebook From Vodacom (Free and Data Mode)

Vodacom has introduced its Facebook Flex plan!

“Facebook Flex allows you to access Facebook for FREE anytime, without data charges when using Facebook.com on your cellphone and the Facebook app. Stay in control of your data usage when using Facebook through a button that switches between Free Mode and Data Mode. Facebook Flex is currently only available when using the app on Android devices, or on the Facebook.com mobile site for all devices.” quoted from their (Vodacom) website.

Free Facebook (Facebook Flex) Features – Pros

With Facebook Flex you can do the following:

  1. Comment, Like (or React) and Share posts.
  2. Update your profile.
  3. Switch from data mode to free mode (and vice versa) using its toggle button.


Facebook Flex doesn’t allow you to do the following:

  1. View photos. You can see updated profile pictures though.
  2. Watch videos.

Facebook’s free mode is good for those who like in-text posts. To see videos and photos you have to switch to data mode (Data charges may apply).

Tip: To avoid high data charges use the Facebook Lite application.

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Free Twitter from MTN

MTN on the other hand is providing its users with Free Twitter.

And Yes without a doubt it surpasses both Cell C and Vodacom’s Free Face-book. Mind you, Cell C and Vodacom’s Free Face-book doesn’t show pictures and videos which makes it boring! Whereas MTN’s Free Twitter does show pictures and one can play or watch GIFs and Videos. Keep in mind that playing GIFs and Videos can take a while to play when using free Twitter. All in all blessed are those who use the yellow network provider! 🙂

Free Twitter From MTN Features – Pros

You can do the following:

  1. View profile pictures and cover photos.
  2. Post tweets (you can attach images too).
  3. Watch videos and GIF images.
  4. Like, re-tweet and reply (to) posts.
  5. Update your profile details (Including changing profile picture)


  1. Images may appear blurry.
  2. Videos and GIF images may stop playing (You may receive a video playback error).
  3. Tweets never refresh automatically.

Tip (or Trick) For Vodacom and MTN Users

I also discovered that Vodacom users can hotspot an MTN user to use Free Facebook. I did this and it worked! Hopefully an MTN user can hotspot a Vodacom user to use Free Twitter – Haven’t tried this but I’m sure it works.

Instagram is the only application that chows data bundles now. How’s free Facebook without photos and videos? I mean how’s the experience so far? Let’s hear your say!

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