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Optimize Your WordPress Site For Search Engines – Yoast SEO

Last updated on July 17th, 2017 at 10:34 pm

Optimize Using The Yoast SEO Plugin - www.34g3.com

For those who are not using WordPress, the post can still be useful so don’t close the page yet…

Are you done creating your WordPress website? Great, Now that you have created a website the next on the list is to attract visitors and bring traffic to your website. I mean what’s a website without traffic? A website without traffic is the same as a vehicle without fuel.

In other words, traffic is a necessity and you definitely need more and more visitors to have conversions. There are various ways one can use to bring traffic to a website. You can bring traffic to your site by advertising (paid advertising) it on sites like Facebook, Adwords and Twitter.

Paid advertising is the easiest way (if you have money) to drive traffic but to keep the visitors coming back is the hard part. Therefore, before you even think of joining AdWords you need to work on your website. By ‘work on your website‘ I’m referring to writing quality and optimized content, having enticing post headlines, tags and installing some useful plugins.

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Firstly, I would like to say – you made the right choice by choosing WordPress as your hosting platform.

WordPress is one of the most easiest, powerful and great website content management system. Anyway, let me cut to the chase and not talk about that! so yea…. the Yoast SEO plugin. The Yoast SEO will help you write readable articles, choose a focus keyword, edit image alt text and so on.


This is so important! To attract readers or viewers you need to write eye-catching post headlines. Great headlines will tempt a user and invite them to check your posts or articles. Post headlines like Proven ways to make money using a blog and not a headline like Make Money.

The problem about the second headline is that: It doesn’t sound enticing neither does it reveal much information about the post’s body. Not to mention how lame it may appear to viewers and a boring headline will definitely drive visitors away.

The Yoast SEO will also help you write a title and description for search engines. When your write your title(s) and description(s) keep in mind to include your focus word, call to action text and definitely tempting and inviting text.


This is also important! Don’t write for the sake of writing. Keep your content useful and write short sentences (cut to the chase). As the Yoast SEO says that your sentences should not contain more than twenty¬†words and that the whole post should have a minimum of three hundred words.

Update: The whole post must have a minimum of nine hundred words.

Posts with a lot of words can be (actually, they are) advantageous but avoid the Terms and Conditions type of content. By that, I mean you should spice things up and add pictures. Not just any pictures though, eye catching pictures will do (avoid copyrighted pictures at all costs!).

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To have unique content, you can write articles based on your experience and (always) avoid plagiarism. Remember to write in a simplified language! and never use uncommon words.


By adding text to your images you allow search engines to index them for the keywords you will use. After uploading your image, don’t leave the title and alt text empty. You can add your website’ URL, post keywords (including your focus keyword).

TAGS – Yoast SEO

Your tags should be relevant to the post and what it covers. A minimum of twenty tags is recommended and longer tags perform much better than short tags. Long tag: How to earn money online and a short tag is something like: Earn money.

The other way to get converting tags is to use the Google search results to find out about the most searched keywords (trends). You will see what people normally search about on the bottom of the page (This depends on the topic you will be covering). Use the questions or words they use as tags.

  • Remove unused themes and plugins to keep your website load fast. This will help speed up your hosting’s server.
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly (visit Google Page speed to check your website’s
  • A mobile friendly website doesn’t show sidebars, so remove widgets from sidebars.
  • Add sharing buttons on top of or below the post (not more than three buttons).
  • Connect your blog or website to all your social network platforms and start sharing your posts on social networks for more exposure.
  • Remove old backup files on your hosting. This only applies if your hosting company backups your site’s content on a daily or weekly basis.

What’s your take on this post? Do share your views on the comment section, Cheers.

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