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Quality vs Quantity When Buying Electronics! A Smartphone and Notebook Guide For Beginners

Last updated on August 1st, 2017 at 10:52 pm

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Gone are those days whereby quality was determined by price and brand. Today, there are no quantity items especially on Electronics. We all know how technology evolves and changes every second.

Now why should you pay more for less features? I mean why not pay less for more features? What am I talking about? Well, do continue reading.

Since the Android Platform is popular – Without a doubt you will be switching to Android soon (that’s if you haven’t). A smartphone from a well known brand will do right? Any thoughts on the features you want your smartphone to have? What about the price? I’m guessing you are like ‘Uhm! Features? Price? I just want that phone! It looks cool and blah blah..’ with you saying that! Nothing will stop you from getting it right? 🙂 Let’s see if I can’t convince you otherwise.

These new companies build gadgets with great features and make them cost effective. We are not sure if this is for a long run or they are trying to get exposure. That’s a story for another day.

We know how the Android Platform has been skyrocketing lately. Therefore, this post is for android smartphone users. Now to get cool features on your next smartphone checkout! PLEASE keep in mind the features: RAM, Storage, Camera Quality, Screen Resolution, Android Version and the price tag (not a feature though).


Smartphone Electronics

Electronics - www.34g3.com

Let’s have a scenario of two smartphones. Phone one is made by a well known brand and Phone two is made by a new brand.

Phone One Phone Two
Brand Popular** New**
Camera Rear 8MP Front 2MP Rear 8MP Front 5MP
RAM 1.5 GB 1 GB
Storage 8GB Internal(MicroSD up to 64GB) 8GB Internal(MicroSD up to 64GB+)
Screen Size 5″ HD Display 5″ HD Screen
Price R2,699 ($190) R1,699 ($120)

Can you spot the difference between the two phones? The popular brand offers good features at a high price whereas the new brand offers great features at a low price. Keep in mind that both phones have a great body design. Phone two wins in this scenario

N.B. Well known/Popular brand refers to a company that has been releasing phones for years. New Brand refers to a well known company but it is new in the industry of phones.

Notebooks OR Laptops – Electronics

Electronics - www.34g3.com

On notebooks or laptops our findings are quite different. In this scenario we consider popular brands.

Features Laptop One Laptop Two
Brand **Popular **Popular
Display 15’6 Display 15’6 Display
Processor Celeron Processor N3050 (2m Cache up to 2.16GHz 5200U Processor (3M Cache up to 220GHz
Storage 500 GB 1TB Hard Drive
Windows 10 10
Price R5999 ($421) R7999 ($491)

As you can see above the difference is on the processor, storage and price. Therefore, next time you decide to purchase a notebook make a decisive choice! Laptop two has an upper hand with the processor.

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