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About MSQUAREDN - www.34g3.com
Ntokozo Motsepe – M SQUARED

M squared is an 18 y/o passionate Individual, an Entrepreneur, Student, Part-time blogger, Introvert and founder of M² Droid. To connect or get in touch with me follow @MSQUAREDN on Twitter and Instagram. Send a tweet for quick responses 😉

Before I Became A Blogger

Programming applications used to be my thing (hobby) back then. Programming isn’t really easy! but with help from a guy called Bucky Roberts (from thenewboston) I managed to learn a few things. I used to download and watch his software development for beginners tutorials. After a few weeks, I was able to create simple applications. Yeah! The guy made developing android applications way simple.

I started creating applications a month later and ended up developing two apps. The first app was a simple calculator called Calculus M and the second app was a simple chatting app called Catchy M. Creating two apps was an achievement (for me) but my eager of developing more apps (and maybe 3D games) was crushed in split seconds.

Taking A Break From Programming

I wanted to develop more apps and games but things changed after I applied for a Google Play Developer account. I wasn’t allowed to create a Google Play Developer Console due to age restrictions (I was sixteen years old then). Later that day, I decided to take a break from programming and wait for my 18th  birthday!

Google Play Developer Console enables developers to easily publish and distribute their applications at Google Play Store. All developers will pay a once off registration fee ($25).

Other than programming apps, I had an online marketplace that offered android apps and games (Including my two apps). The marketplace was under the domain (mdroide.com) which was bought at GoDaddy on August, 2015. The website was strictly a marketplace for android applications – Hence the droid in the domain name.

How I Started Blogging 

A big shout out  to my BlackBerry smartphone and its Internet Service (BIS). After losing interest in programming I started surfing on the internet and came across ‘blogging’. I started my research and decided to try blogging.

In 2016, I registered the current domain (34g3.com) from GoDaddy to create my blog. Actually, I got the domain name for free after purchasing a one year hosting plan at GoDaddy. I started designing my site and I published my first post about ‘Customizing A Blackberry Smartphone‘.

I publish content that is related to Blogging, Marketing, Advertising, SEO, Website Development, Software Management and Tutorials. My aim is to make the internet a safer and friendly environment for all individuals.

On November 2016, I transferred my domain name and migrated my site to Namecheap. That’s pretty much everything. 

A Summary About My Company

M² Droid was founded on May 20, 2015 and is an upcoming company that specializes in IT services like Web and App Development. M² Droid was previously known as Catchy M.

It was named after an android chatting app created by M squared and this new name was introduced in August 20, 2015 My company will have its official website under the domain name ‘msdid.com’ in the near future.

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